We are recruiting for a new Market Manager

Market Manager


Dukes Meadows Trust seeks a new Manager to drive the continued success of this 21 year-old market and social enterprise.

8am to 3pm on Sunday plus approx. an hour a week responding to queries. OTE £13.75 an hour


The Manager is responsible for booking in stalls to keep the market full of interesting, high quality traders and for the safe and efficient running of the market between the hours of 8am to 3pm every Sunday, excluding Easter and the first Sunday in January. .  


The Manager also assists with promoting the market and overseeing an attractive, high quality set up each week, supported by an assistant who helps with set up and take down of banners, signs, tables and chairs. Traders bring their own gazebos and tables etc.


Start Date: As soon as possible to ensure a solid handover period. Ideally by 10th January 2021, but some flexibility.


Job Description


Prior to Market Day;


Book in stalls to have a record of who is attending four weeks ahead, respond to enquiries from new stalls to fill gaps, ensuring a good range of products and maintaining a high quality. Keep market full of stalls. Work is mainly done on Sundays but may require up to an hour mid-week responding to texts and emails.


Check the weather and if wind forecast, check on market day that all stalls are setting up gazebos with weights.


Read and be familiar with the risk assessment for the market and for the assistant who helps with set up and take down.


On Market Day;

Ensure a litter free, tidy site at start of Market.


Ensure the market is set up and run safely following the risk assessments and food hygiene and trading standards regulations.


Report any incidents, near misses or accidents to the Trust Development Manager and record in the accident book.

Check toilets are clean and stocked with loo paper and hand wash. Let Development Manager know by email if stocks are running low. The Trust employs a cleaner to clean the toilets.


Put out waste bin and ensure it is emptied regularly during the market. Put the waste bags into the waste bins provided and the bin back in the shed at the end of the day.


Oversee putting out of signs in key locations every Sunday before the market opens and check they are clean and well placed. Oversee putting out of tables and chairs and on special market days, oversee and assist in putting out decorations and setting up for events.


Arrange stalls, keeping exits clear as marked on plan, considering the arrangement of the stalls to make it attractive and adjusting to fill any gaps that may appear due to no shows.


Check stalls for selling only produce listed by the stallholder on the application form, and for food hygiene and meeting trading standards rules. Training will be provided if needed


Be visible in the market talking to customers and observing stalls for compliance with rules and quality. Assist with occasional customer surveying.


Provide information and photos to the Development Manage to assist with promotion.


Post on Facebook and Twitter during the market to promote 


Most stalls pay by BACS, but collect stallholder rents, for those paying cash between 1300 and 1330.


Oversee packing away of market, assisting if decorations also put up. Check site is left clean and swept up.


Ensure that stall holders take away all refuse and don't use the bins on site or put food waste into the allotments.


Ensure the electricity box, the shed and the toilets are locked before leaving.




Be prepared to answer email or phone enquiries from prospective stall holders at times other than during the market.


Maintain good, working relationship with stall holders, ask how they are doing, and get details of when occasional traders will next visit. Deal with queries from stall holders and customers.


Work with the Development Manager to create a vision for how the market can be improved to increase foot fall, raise local awareness, and what produce customers would like to see added.


Work with Development Manager to organise vendor and event schedule.